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3 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring Movers

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The purpose of a red flag is to draw attention to a potential problem or issue. For example, red flags at the beach indicate high surf and/or strong currents.  If you receive an unsolicited phone call and they ask you to hand over your credit card or personal information… you guessed it, red flag! Unfortunately, the moving industry is not exempt from moving companies that aren’t reputable and/or scam movers attempting to get your money and not providing the service. In order to help you find the right moving company or more to the point, avoid the ones with nefarious intent, Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., has put together a few red flags to keep a look out for when searching for a local moving company in your area.

red flags at beach issue a warning


Movers who ask for a large deposit

In the moving industry, it’s normal for moving companies to ask for a small down payment to hold a moving date. The percentage varies by the mover, type of move (i.e., local move vs long-distance move), and laws that the moving company must follow. Before you pay a moving deposit, be sure to ask about the company’s cancellation policy and take a few minutes to research the “norm” in your area.

Moving estimates that are quite a bit lower than others

There’s going to be a variance when you request moving quotes from multiple companies, that’s normal. Some may include boxes, packing services, and other solutions while others may charge just for the truck, the loaders, mileage, etc. If you receive an estimate that is quite a bit lower than others, beware. Unfortunately, some movers underbid moves on purpose and then add on hidden fees on the day of the move.

Moving companies with bad reviews

Before making a decision on which mover to go with, be sure to check company reviews. Don’t be surprised to find a few less-than-stellar reviews, that’s normal. When reading what other consumers say, you should keep an eye out for bad reviews that could indicate bad company policy or worse, they’re scam movers.

How to find & book reputable movers

Find a reputable mover you can trust doesn’t have to be as stressful as this article may seem. To help you find a local moving company you can trust, here are a few tips:

  • Ask your family, friends, and co-workers if they have a mover to recommend
  • Check reviews on Google, Facebook, and other sources you’ve relied on for other purchases
  • Be sure to ask potential movers plenty of questions, don’t leave anything out
  • Verify that the movers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in case anything should happen to your belongings during the moving process
  • Compare moving estimates carefully and look specifically for ones that don’t have as many details as others
  • Understand the estimate, your responsibilities, company responsibilities, and their policies BEFORE you commit

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