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Planning For A Fall Move

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Fall in Alabama is almost perfect weather, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, leaves changing color, and of course college football. It’s also an ideal time to move into a new home or apartment. Below we outline the advantages of a fall move and share a few fall moving tips.

watch out for leaves and other fall moving tips


Why plan a fall move

There are a number of reasons why fall is a great season for moving but the ones we think you’ll like best are listed below.

Hiring movers might be easier and more affordable.
The peak moving season is April through October, so there is less demand for moving companies in Alabama and across the nation during the fall months. As a result, movers have more flexibility and moving costs may be lower than at other times of the year.

The weather is better suited for a move
If the idea of moving during the scorching summer makes you want to scrap the whole move, a fall move will bring you around. While the weather isn’t as cool (or frigid) as in northern climes, it’s much more tolerable during the fall months and so you won’t necessarily be sweating through the moving process.

You’ll be in your new home in time for the holidays
There’s no place like home for the holidays – at least that’s what Perry Como’s holiday hit says and we tend to agree! When you move in the fall, you leave plenty of time to unpack, settle in and even decorate for the holiday season. Plus, you don’t have to put boxes filled with Thanksgiving and Christmas decor in the attic or find a place in the closet.

Tips for moving in the fall

Although a fall move has its advantages, there’s still plenty to think about and plan for. In the following section, you’ll find a few, useful fall moving tips.

Unload your clutter before moving
If we’ve said this once, we’ve said it a…. well, a lot. Why pack up your old, unused items only to take them to your new home and probably toss them there? For a smoother and more efficient move, comb through your belongings prior to moving day. Check out our blog post, How To Purge Before A Move, for more information on clearing away the clutter.

Don’t take your summer stuff with you
If you know that your patio furniture and pool gear won’t make it another season, haul them away before you move. Likewise, donate summer clothes that won’t fit the kids next year instead of carrying them to the new house.

Protect your floors
Let’s face it, you really don’t want to track dirt, mud (if it’s raining), leaves, or pine needles into the new home. In order to preserve your rugs and floors consider laying down cardboard or plastic. You might also keep a broom and cleaning supplies close by to sweep out debris that blows in or to wipe up messes made by dirty feet.

Remember daylight savings time
Although Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill back in May 2021 to make daylight saving time year-round in Alabama, it cannot go into effect unless a federal version of the bill passes in Congress. Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday of November and once that happens, you’ll have less daylight in the evening hours. Prepare accordingly.

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