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Color Coding Boxes For Moving: Benefits & Tips

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Whether this is your first move or your hundredth (we’re exaggerating but you get the point) there’s a good chance you want it done as efficiently as possible. While there are plenty of ways to accomplish that, in this article we’re going to focus on color coding moving boxes.

use different color tape to label home moving boxes


Benefits of color coding your moving boxes

If you love making labels, organizing closets, and eliminating efficiencies in and around your home or work, you’re going to love this idea. Here are a few reasons why color coding your moving boxes can be helpful:

Saves time and reduces stress
By labeling your boxes with both words and colors, you can quickly and easily identify which boxes should go where without having to read every label.

Prevents confusion
If you have a lot of boxes, it can be easy to forget which boxes contain which items. Color coding can help you avoid this confusion and ensure that each box ends up in the right room.

Helps with organization
Color coding can help you keep track of which boxes belong to which family member or which boxes go in which room.

Overall, color coding your moving boxes doesn’t require a lot of extra work. In fact, it is a simple but effective way to stay organized and make your move go more smoothly.

How to color code your moving boxes

If you’re thinking this system is going to revolutionize and expedite your move, we’re so glad. And now for the nuts and the bolts. Here’s how to color code your moving boxes:

Choose your colors
Pick a few different colors of packing tape or colored markers that you will use to label your boxes. You could use a different color for each room or area of your new home, or assign a color to each member of your household. It’s entirely possible, you’ll want to use a combination of the two – i.e., purple for Sarah and green for the kitchen.

Label your boxes for the new home, not the current one
As you pack each box, label it with a clear description of its contents and which room it should go in. Then, use your colored tape or markers to add a stripe in the corresponding color.

Create a color key (or legend)
Be sure to make a color key, legend, or master list (whatever you’d prefer to call it) which show which color corresponds to which family member or room. To make it even easier on your moving company, you might consider hanging a color key at your new home or even hang up signs in each room with the designated color.

A final thought – you could color code your furniture as well

In addition to color coding your moving boxes, you might consider color coding the furniture as well. While it won’t take long to add a piece of colored tape to your couch, bed frames, and other furniture, it could eliminate the guesswork on the other end and make your move go even faster.

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