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Tips For Moving Into An Apartment

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It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into your very first apartment or moving on to a new apartment in a different complex, there’s a lot that goes into the moving process.  With that in mind, our local moving company is here to share a few tips, hacks -whatever you want to call them – to make your apartment move easier on your nerves.

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Notify your current landlord

Now that you’ve signed a new lease, you’ll need to let your current landlord know you won’t be renewing your apartment lease. Be sure to give the proper notice per your existing lease and make sure items that are on their move-out checklist are satisfactorily completed. You’ll want to get your deposit back!

Finalize your move in plan with the new landlord/property management firm

If you haven’t already, find out when you’ll receive your keys, when your rent is due each month, what utilities you’re responsible for, if you need to purchase renter’s insurance (we highly recommend this even if your landlord doesn’t require it!), and ask any other questions you may have.

Set up new utilities and cancel existing ones

While some leases include utilities such as electricity, water, and trash, you’ll need to make sure you set up/transfer any that are not covered. Internet is a must- reach out today!

Remember to cancel your existing bills so that you don’t pay more than you have to.

Change your mailing address

Make sure you stop by the post office or visit USPS website to change your address. Be sure to select a forward date.

Determine if there are any moving rules at your new apartment

Some apartment complexes have rules and regs about the time of day you can move in, what elevators you can use, or where to park the moving truck, etc.

Downsize/declutter prior to moving day

Rather than move all your belongings to the new apartment, why not sort through everything before you move? It’s a great time to downsize, donating items that you don’t want anymore, tossing items that belong in the garbage, and passing possessions on to family and friends you know will get more use out of them.

Start packing your belongings BEFORE moving day

The day of the move is going to be stressful – there’s no helping that. You can minimize the tension by packing your belongings days and weeks early. Packing room by room is one way to go about this task, but you can also start with items that you don’t need day-to-day. We would caution on the latter option as you might find yourself with boxes full of items from every room; that will make unpacking more challenging and take more time.

Click here for more packing tips.

Think about hiring professional movers

We realize the cost of hiring movers may intimidate you but there are some considerations to… well consider. When you use professional movers, you don’t have to recruit volunteers (or feed them), you don’t have to do the heavy lifting, and it’s more than likely the move to the new apartment will be completed quicker.

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