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Packing Tips & Tricks From The Moving Pros

Packing Tips & Tricks From The Moving Pros

Do you have an upcoming move?

Moving into a new home is exciting but if we’re being completely honest, it can be stressful. There are so many moving parts to a move (no pun intended) that it can feel overwhelming and all-consuming. At Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., we understand the time and effort that goes into packing for the move and that’s why we’re sharing a few of our tried-and-true packing tips.



11 packing tips every homeowner should know


Use moving boxes only

Boxes from the grocery store and storage containers come in all different sizes and do not stack or load well. It can take you or your moving company more time to load and unload. Pillows and other belongings packed in trash bags are likely to end up in the garbage by accident.

Boxes must close securely

We cannot emphasize this enough – DO NOT use boxes with open tops or plastic bags. Neither stack well in a moving truck and will likely spill. This will contribute to broken contents. Always secure boxes with three strips of tape on top and bottom.

Load books into small boxes (1.5 cu. ft.)

Remember these books of boxes must be carried. Don’t load more books into a box than an average adult should carry (40 to 50 pounds).

Utilize large and extra-large boxes for light-weight items

Pack bedspreads, pillows, lampshades, winter coats, and other light-weight articles in bigger moving boxes.

Use paper without ink

Items wrapped in newspaper and paper with ink may end up with ink stains as in rubs off easy.

Pack dishes appropriately

Always utilize dish packs for China and glassware. Plates should be placed in a vertical position in the box and packed tightly with paper (use three sheets of paper for fine China, two sheets for everyday plates). Avoid bubble wrap since it shrinks in the box and is the biggest source of broken items.

Box lamps separately

Lamps must be boxed. Pack individual lamps in their own boxes taking care to completely fill the box with paper leaving no room for the lamp to shift. Remove and pack the harp, bulb, and shade separately.

Empty dressers and desks drawers

While you can leave clothing and linens in dressers and drawers for the move, you must remove money, coins, valuables, rings, breakables – really anything that can spill or items that will fall from drawer to drawer when the furniture is titled up to go through doors.

Empty armoires

Most armoires are quite heavy so we recommend removing any and all contents prior to the move.

Transport file cabinets according to their type

Vertical file cabinets can be transported with their contents but lateral file cabinets should be emptied.

Pack electronics carefully and with the end in mind

Disconnect and label computers and other electronic equipment including wires, cables, and connections. Pack your computer and other electronic equipment in boxes.

Hiring a moving company?

If you’re planning on hiring a moving company (and we highly recommend this), make sure you check with them about your washer and dryer. Specifically, you’ll want to ask if they will unhook and reattach the appliances at the new location. Consider this also, it may be the time to change out those old rubber washer hoses to avoid future flooding. You should also verify that your dryer plug is the same in your new home as in your old. Otherwise, you may need to purchase one with the correct prongs.

Did you know that it is against federal law for your mover to transport firearms, explosives, compressed gas, flammables, aerosols, liquor, and cleaning fluid? Make sure you have a plan in place for these items.

Full-service packing & moving services in Greater Birmingham & Huntsville

For help making your move less stressful, consider hiring a moving company that offers packing and moving services. Here at Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., we’re here to help our customers make their moves easier and more carefree with full-service packing and moving services in the Birmingham, Huntsville and Madison as well as throughout the Greater Birmingham and Rocket City metros. With more than 18 years of industry experience, you can count on our locally owned and family-operated moving company!

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