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A Guide For Moving In Bad Weather

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When bad weather strikes on a moving day, it can really throw a wrench in the whole process and certainly adds an element of stress that you probably aren’t prepared for. So, what do you do? Reschedule your movers or friends? Move on and hope the clouds give way to sunshine or that the heat index improves? Let’s take a look at ways to handle moving in bad weather.

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Whose moving you?

If you’re moving team consists of a rented truck and friends and family, you may be able to postpone or at least delay the move. Of course, you’ll have to reach out to the truck rental company to see if your rental can be changed and you may lose volunteers if scheduling conflicts arise.

If you’ve hired a moving company, they may have a weather policy in place that will determine if the move is a go or not. If they’re still coming but you’re worried about your belongings, be sure to discuss your concerns. It’s entirely possible that they may be able to wait out the bad weather, reschedule your move to another day, or have strategies they employ to make sure your belongings are protected.

Do you have a deadline for moving?

If you have to be out of your house by a certain date and you don’t have any wiggle room, the move may have to go on as planned despite weather challenges. If you built in a bit of time, consider postponing your move to another day if you’re not comfortable with the conditions.

No matter the weather – the move is happening!

Here are some helpful tips for moving in bad weather:

  • Wrap cardboard boxes in heavy plastic and secure them with professional-grade tape. Do not use moving blankets as they will become saturated with water and the boxes will still get soggy.
  • Have your furniture shrink-wrapped.
  • Put clothing, bed linens, and other fabrics in labeled trash bags to avoid rain exposure.
  • Talk with your movers about what to do for artwork and other valuable items.
  • Lay down cardboard or other floor and carpet shields to prevent slips and to keep mud and water off those surfaces.
  • Make sure the moving truck is as close to your home as possible.
  • Stay hydrated and take breaks as necessary.
  • Apply sunscreen if you’re going in and out to prevent sunburns.

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