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How To Protect Floors & Other Moving Tips

How To Protect Floors & Other Moving Tips

Moving tips & tricks from experienced moving experts

According to industry experts, August is the busiest moving month in the nation. Whether you’re planning on buying a new home this summer or in the coming weeks, now is the best time to prepare for it. That is, if you want to reduce your stress and make your move less complicated. With that in mind, our moving pros have put together a few moving tips and tricks we think will help you when the big day arrives.

Protect the floors

It might seem an odd tip to start with but the condition of floors is often not even a consideration when moving – it should be though. On moving day, the chances of damaging floors and carpeting is not slim. If you’re moving out of a rental and leave behind damage, you run the risk of not getting your deposit back. Or, if you’re not careful when moving into your new digs, you could end up with repair costs- not exactly the first thing you want to spend money on in the new place. So, how do you protect floors and carpets from being damaged during a move?

  • Do not drag furniture
  • Use furniture sliders and a rubber-wheel dolly
  • Cover furniture and heavy items with furniture blankets to blunt the impact of objects falling on the floor by accident
  • Lay down cardboard to protect floors

Be ready to problem solve

Moving day presents a lot of obstacles – a lot of them you might not account for. For example, how do you move your big couch through the small door? In a situation like this, it may never have occurred to you that your new home’s doors are smaller than the old ones. To help you keep moving despite the curveballs that might come your way, be ready to problem solve. Have a measuring tape on hand, be ready to text for reinforcements, and utilize other problem-solving methods that have served you well in the past.

Purge before you move

Why bother packing almost-empty lotions, rolled up tubes of toothpaste, expired medicine, broken furniture, clothing you’re never going to wear again, old paint in the garage, and other items that would be better suited for the trash? Rather than take the time to pack up items you won’t use at the new house or that you can easily buy after you move in, get rid of them before you move. Not only will it save you time unpacking, the act of de-cluttering can be quite freeing!

Shave time off packing

Packing is probably one of the most dreaded parts of moving but make it easier by leaving clothes on hangers, leaving clothing in dressers, and color code/label boxes. Of course, for the easiest packing solution, consider using a packing service to do the job for you!

Snap pics of your electronics

If you hate wires and setting up electronics even a little, we highly recommend taking pictures of the back of your TVs, computers, and other electronics. By taking a moment for this task, you can remove the guess work when you start re-assembling equipment on the other end.

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