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Hire A Moving Company Or Rent A Truck?

Hire A Moving Company Or Rent A Truck?

When it comes to moving, a lot of people consider renting a moving truck and recruiting friends and family to help out. While this type of move may save you money (minus the cost of pizza, snacks, and drinks for your helpers), that does not necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Let’s look at the pros and cons of renting a moving truck and undertaking a DIY move or hiring a moving company.

The pros of a DIY move

Obviously, moving yourself is a more affordable option then hiring a full-service moving company but besides it being cheaper, what are the benefits of DIY moving?

  • You control your entire move
  • You select the packing materials
  • You pick the people moving your belongings

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The cons of renting a moving truck and moving yourself

  • You schedule the truck
  • You buy the moving and packing material
  • You do most of the labor including the heavy lifting
  • You are responsible for finding help and everything else associated with the move

The pros of hiring a full-service moving company

Hiring full-service movers may be more expensive but it does have its advantages.

  • Moving companies will shoulder much of the responsibility of the move
  • Movers do the driving, whether its local or long-distance
  • Drivers and loaders are experienced in handling belongings and utilizing all the space in a moving truck
  • You can add on packing services

Cons of hiring professional movers

  • More expensive to hire a team than just rent a truck
  • Less flexibility regarding the moving date and time
  • You run the risk of hiring a moving company that doesn’t perform the job well

So, which moving option do you choose

Choosing how to accomplish a move is a personal decision. Really, there’s no correct answer. Be sure to look at all aspects of the move including non-monetary costs before you choose an option. When it comes down to it, your needs, preferences, and of course, budget will determine which route you go.

Beware of moving companies with bad reviews

If you decide to enlist a moving company for your next move, be sure they are properly vetted before you commit. Asking friends, families, and co-workers for their personal recommendations should be your first step and once you’ve narrowed down the list, take some time to read company Google reviews. Red flags are reviews that include references to items breaking, not timely, additional charges, un-professional movers, poor customer service overall, etc.

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