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3 Holiday Moving Tips From Greater Birmingham Moving Pros

3 Holiday Moving Tips From Greater Birmingham Moving Pros

There’s no place like home for the holidays. But what if you’re moving right before Christmas or right after the New Year? Won’t that make things tricky, to say the least? Of course, it can! The key to keeping your stress levels in check and actually enjoying the festivities that come with the holidays is to prepare. Read on as we share a few holiday moving tips we know will help you accomplish everything you need to do without turning into the Grinch.

Donate what you don’t need to those who are in need

We always encourage homeowners to declutter before they move instead of hauling those unwanted or no-longer-needed items to the next home. By giving away/donating items around the holidays you not only help those who aren’t as fortunate as yourself during a particularly hard time of year, but you’re also lightening your load- literally!

Block off time on your calendar and resolve to follow it

If you haven’t already taken a look at your calendar and upcoming events, do so right now. It’s imperative that you block off the time you need to pack, your moving date, and any other events that cannot be missed by anyone in your family. Once you have those penciled in, protect your time like a mama bear protecting her cub. The holiday season is full of fun and parties but this year you may want to forgo some of the festivities in order to preserve your time and sanity. There will always be next year!

Schedule your movers as soon as possible

If you were thinking about renting a truck and recruiting family and friends to help you move, remember this is a busy time of year, and by adding stress to their already booked December, you will not exactly create the goodwill the season speaks of.

The good news when it comes to movers is that the holidays are not traditionally a busy time of year for them. Still, it’s a good idea to schedule your movers as early as possible.

Consider hiring packing pros

Packing is time-consuming and if you’re going to get this move accomplished with as little pressure on yourself and others as possible, why not hire professional packers to take care of the necessary but tedious task?

Don’t forget about the weather

Here in Alabama, we don’t have to worry about blizzards causing moving delays but we should still be mindful of the weather and make adjustments as necessary. Thankfully in the Greater Birmingham market, we have James Spann and other excellent meteorologists to keep us weather-aware.

Let our local movers help you move this holiday season

We hope you’ve found these holiday moving tips helpful and that your upcoming move will not put a damper on your holiday season. If you’re planning on hiring movers, we’d love the chance to help you out. At Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., we offer residential moving services in Vestavia Hills, Hoover, and throughout the Greater Birmingham metro as well as Huntsville and Madison. If you’re looking for a reliable moving company to help you move over the holidays, we can help. Whether your move is a local one or you’ve got some distance to go to reach your new home, we are ready to assist.  Reach out today to learn more about our full-service packing and moving solutions or to request a no-obligation moving estimate!