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Tips For Moving Into A New Home In August

Tips For Moving Into A New Home In August

Stay cool with these tips for moving in August

Moving into a new home in August, especially when it seems like there’s an excessive heat warning almost every day, requires careful planning and a bit of prep work to ensure a smooth transition. With that in mind, Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., has put together a few tips for moving in August that we know will make the process easier for homeowners.

Plan ahead

If you’ve read other blog posts or moving articles on our site, you might be thinking we sound like a broken record, but the truth is planning ahead is the best way to avoid last-minute stress. Create a moving checklist that includes all the necessary tasks, including, but not limited to packing, hiring movers, and notifying utilities.

Try to schedule an early start

If possible, try to coordinate an early start with your moving company to avoid the peak heat of the day.

Stay hydrated

Even if your movers are handling the bulk of the moving, be sure to stay hydrated. Have plenty of water on hand for everyone.

Dress comfortably

Wear lightweight, breathable clothing. Moisture wicking athletic wear is also a great choice. Even though it’s hot out, don’t wear sandals. Sneakers are the best footwear for moving.

Take breaks

Remember to take short breaks to rest, cool down, and regroup. Moving can be physically demanding so it’s important to pace yourself.

The benefits of hiring movers when it’s hot outside

Hiring professional movers, especially in hot weather, will make the moving process more efficient, safer for you, and less stressful. Moving experts are experienced in handling all types of weather conditions, including heat. What’s more, they know how to properly pack, load, and transport belongings while minimizing the risk of damage.

Moving specialists also use dollies, straps, ramps, and other tools and equipment that makes the moving process smoother, even in hot weather. Additionally, they are accustomed to heavy lifting and physical exertion, which can be more challenging in high temperatures.

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Here at Changing Spaces Moving, Inc., our local moving team is accustomed to moving furniture and belongings in hot temperatures, and is ready to help Alabama residents make a move this summer! In fact, our locally owned and family-operated moving company offers residential moving services in Mountain Brook, Indian Springs Village, and throughout Greater Birmingham as well as the Huntsville metro.

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