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Summer Moving Tips

Summer Moving Tips

Most moving companies will tell you that summer is their busiest time of year which can make it a bit tricky if you’re planning on moving sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you’re planning an upcoming move this summer and don’t want to be caught unawares, take a few minutes to read the following summer moving tips from Changing Spaces Moving, Inc.

Schedule your move as soon as possible

We realize there are challenges that may prevent you from booking a moving company early but the earlier you can get your move on the books with your mover, the better.

Choose a weekday

Since weekends are the most sought-after days for moving, you may have a better job of securing movers if you’re okay with a weekday.

Make a moving checklist

Moving is stressful but making a moving checklist and sticking to it can keep your stress levels within the “normal” range.

Be sure to allocate plenty of time for packing

Summer is a busy time of year for most families so we highly encourage property owners to be realistic about the amount of time they’ll need to pack up their belongings and start early!

Make a plan for your kids and pets

Unless you have able-bodied teenagers, you should make arrangements for your younger children and the pets. Whether you hire a sitter or entrust a family member with your kiddos, it’s a good idea to have a place for your children away from the hubbub. You might also consider boarding your pets for a couple of days in order to keep them out of the fray and not underfoot.

Pay attention to the heat

Summertime in Alabama is H-O-T and moving in the heat can be quite a chore. Be sure to wear lightweight and breathable clothing, apply sunscreen, stay hydrated, cool off with cold damp towels, and keep a steady not frenzied pace.

Another consideration when it comes to heat, is making sure that items sensitive to heat are transported carefully and not left in a hot car or moving truck for too long.

The best summer moving tip for residents in the Birmingham & Huntsville metros

Whether you’re moving this summer or any other time of year, contact Changing Spaces Moving, Inc. Serving Hoover, Mountain Brook and the Greater Birmingham metro as well as Huntsville, our locally owned and family-operated moving company offers dependable moving services and full-service packing solutions that can’t be beat. Reach out today to request a moving estimate or to get your move scheduled!

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